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Payments Initiation

Securely automate payment initiation from your designated accounts with configurable levels of additional authorisation and approvals to support your specific internal processing requirements.

  • Create beneficiaries –  Create a beneficiary account.
  • List beneficiaries – List all beneficiary bank accounts, custody accounts and wallet accounts.
    Enable end-clients to list their own beneficiaries and white-label partners to list all their own clients’ beneficiaries.
  • Request payment – Initiate a payment for a pre-registered beneficiary.

Notifications Support

Receive real-time information via webhooks or email for all transactional account activity across your accounts around the clock.

Register Webhook – All webhook notification requests have to be registered and pre-validated to ensure secure and timely updates.

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Account Enquiries

Anytime access to pull account balances and transactions to help streamline your internal automation and reconciliation requirements.

  • List accounts – List all bank accounts, custody accounts and wallet accounts. End-clients can list their own accounts. White-label partners can list all their own clients’ accounts.
  • Get account balance – Retrieve account balance for a particular date.
  • Get account transactions – List all transactions for a specific account within user permissions.
  • Get Transaction Details – List details of a transaction within user permissions.

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