As Europe’s foremost payments provider in the cryptocurrency industry, authorised and regulated by the FCA, we are from time to time a target for fraudsters who want to claim legitimacy by association with us.

BCB Group does not provide investment advice and will never ask to temporarily control your computer, smart phone or tablet. BCB Group will never attempt to initiate payments on your behalf from your own personal bank accounts, or to ask you to send cryptocurrencies to addresses not listed on our user console. BCB Group only deals with institutional, corporate and professional customers, so please beware of imitators.

If you are dealing with someone presenting themselves as a BCB Group associate and they offer investment advice or attempt to control your device or cryptocurrency wallet, please be warned that this is not BCB Group and we cannot be held responsible for their actions. However, we will do everything in our power to control and prevent incidents of this nature.

Please report any suspicious activity to [email protected]

A known list of fraudulent groups follows. This is not exhaustive, please always be cautious.

Cryptenix (


Bitchargeback (

Templebit (

BTM Refund

Veono Technologies (

Michael Collins (

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