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The European crypto industry’s first instant settlement network

One of the first real-time payment networks of its kind to allow free, real-time transactions across fiat and digital currencies.

The network aims to transform traditional payments infrastructure by providing a unified architecture capable of handling instant domestic and international fiat transactions, crypto payments, cross-currency transactions, security tokens and smart contracts, all provided fee-free within the network.

BLINC enables participants to settle instantly in any of the currencies supported, with no limits.

The innovation transforming the digital assets industry

BLINC is a global payments network allowing members to pay each other instantly 24/7/365 across multiple currencies, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

BLINC is for any client within the BCB ecosystem. Currently, these are our institutional clients that include major crypto exchanges, market makers, lenders, funds, brokers and traders.

Building on BCB’s established network of business account customers, BLINC’s roadmap begins with instant borderless settlement in GBP/EUR/CHF/CAD/SGD/JPY, with phased rollouts of additional fiat currencies, cross-currency settlement, crypto settlement and cross-asset settlement.

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Real-time 24/7/365 settlement of cash and crypto within the network

  • FPS, SIC, SEPA and SWIFT access for off-network fiat transfers (incoming and outgoing)
  • Free account funding
  • Free Transactions
  • Backed by industry-leading banks and digital asset custodians
  • Market leading rates for FX conversion
  • Institutional spreads on fiat-crypto conversion
  • Segregated client accounts in fiat currencies
  • Segregated digital asset wallets
  • Real-time clearing
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced operational and settlement risk
  • Free transactions
  • Reduced counterparty risk
  • AML and KYC/KYB costs are reduced as participants are already within the network
  • BLINC accounts are free for existing BCB customers
  • Free to top up your BLINC account
  • Free transactions within the BLINC ecosystem
  • Free withdrawals to your BCB account
  • Balance fees apply for currencies with negative interest rates (e.g. EUR, CHF)

How it works

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Intuitive Dashboard

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What our clients are saying


Thanks to BCB, counterparties we trade with benefit from fast and reliable settlement via the BLINC network, which is an outstanding example of innovation and critical problem-solving in the space. For us at Wintermute, this enables efficient fiat transfers between us and counterparties of all types.

Jason Stone Head of Operations
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With our partnership with BCB, Liquid is able to help the individuals in the EUR zone more easily connect to crypto markets.  For institutions and corporates, we are connecting global traders to the highly liquid JPY crypto markets at Liquid with unprecedented speed and low cost via BCB’s BLINC platform.

Seth Melamed Chief Operating Officer
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With BCB, our clients benefit from fast and reliable settlement on fiat transfers. In addition, their BLINC network is a prime example of innovation in the space, where counterparties benefit from instant and free transfers between each other. For Scrypt, this supercharges our trading ecosystem and helps us and our clients capture otherwise missed opportunities.

Norman Wooding Founder and CEO
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BLINC is an appealing proposition for Bitstamp, as it enables us to offer our clients a frictionless mechanism to fund their trading accounts. The ability to move money instantly in the fast-moving crypto markets is crucial and gives our clients an edge when trading on the Bitstamp platform. We are excited to be working with BCB Group on the launch of BLINC which we believe brings substantial benefits for the entire market.

Chris Aruliah VP of Banking Relations

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