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The Block: Trends in Banking for Digital Asset Firms – Brought to you by BCB Group

The Block Research was commissioned by BCB Group to create Trends in Banking for Digital Asset Firms which provides an overview of firms that provide banking services to crypto companies.

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Blockchain technology and crypto assets are giving individuals the tools to go “bankless.”

Individuals can self-custody crypto assets and retain sole ownership over them. They can send and receive these assets from anyone, anywhere, on a 24/7 basis. The list goes on.

But ironically, the digital assets industry at large is far from “bankless.” And all signs point to that continuing to be the case for quite some time.

Nonetheless, crypto firms have historically faced several challenges in gaining access to these much needed banking services to meet their everyday needs such as paying employee salaries.

This research report provides:

(i) An overview of why crypto firms have had trouble accessing banking services

(ii) An introduction to the landscape of different firms that cater to crypto companies

(iii) A comparison of crypto service offerings across this landscape of firms

(iv) Conclusions on how this niche industry could evolve

Read the full report here.

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