weekly roundup – Bitcoin’s Best Week in Recent Memory

Witnessing bitcoin’s current remarkable run over the past few weeks, rallying over 100% from March’s lows around $3,700, and crushing gold‘s 12% gain, we’re excited to see what the next week will bring as we count down to the halving.
Here are some of the big reads we’ve enjoyed over the past 7 days.

Nasdaq Using R3’s Corda for Managing Digital Assets

Last week Nasdaq announced a partnership with blockchain firm R3 to help institutions build their own digital asset marketplaces.

Capital markets participants can now use Corda to support the issuance, trading, settlement and custody of digital assets, said Johan Toll, Nasdaq’s head of digital assets.

The ledger technology is integrated with the Nasdaq Financial Framework, which also connects to several other capital markets services including matching engines, surveillance, data discovery and reporting services.

Crypto Winter or Crypto Spring?

MMC Ventures provided us with a unique analysis of the UK’s equity-funded blockchain startups and trends seen around adoption, capital dynamics and entrepreneurship in an excellent, balanced piece on the blockchain ecosystem.

Genesis Capital’s Loan Book Continues to Grow during its Most Volatile Quarter

Genesis Capital released its quarterly insights report which outlined sustained growth in originations during an incredibly turbulent quarter. During this time they surpassed their quarterly all-time high with $2 billion in loans originated nearly doubling the previous high from last quarter and bringing their cumulative amount lent to $6.2 billion.

R3’s White Paper on CBDC

As Central Banks start to think seriously about issuing their own digital currencies, both to wholesale networks of banks, along with corporates, FinTechs and the general public, the resulting flood of excitement around Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) is beginning to activate a diverse group of participants across the payments ecosystem. This paper explores a range of proposed models and applications of these offerings from across the globe, while expanding the discussion on the necessary technology tools.

Crypto Exchanges Boost Hiring in Wake of Coronavirus Crash

As the speculation abounds around whether bitcoin is poised for another bull run, a number of crypto exchanges are embarking on hiring sprees while job losses are soaring in other sectors. Kraken LLC said on Monday that it had been planning to hire 250 staffers this year, but will instead recruit 350. Binance, which has more than 1,000 employees, expanded its workforce by 25% in the first quarter and is beefing up its team supporting Binance Pool, a new mining operation launched in April. Exchange OkEx, also with a workforce of more than 1,000, said it will announce a global hiring initiative in May. Meanwhile, Coinbase lists dozens of openings.

a16z Exceeds its Initial Funding Goal, Raising $515 Million for its Second Crypto Fund

a16z crypto, the crypto arm of venture capital giant Andreesen Horowitz, announced it has raised $515 million for its second crypto fund, surpassing its initial goal of $450 million. The funds are to be deployed in both native tokens of crypto networks and equity in crypto-based businesses. In the blog post, the firm stated its areas of focus are next-generation payments, modern store of value, DeFi, new ways for creators to monetise, and web3.

Webinar – Blockchain – The Future of Finance 

Join us for TechCity Connect – a day of tech art and culture online – this Wednesday, 6 May – 14:00 BST. We will be featuring on Blockchain – The Future of Finance webinar – sign up here.

Learn how blockchain and digital assets have come of age, where they fit into volatile markets and the maturation of the industry. Find out how to use this disruptive tech to its advantage and see how it is set to transform the entire sector.

Monty Munford, Founder – Mob76 (Moderator)
Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, CEO – BCB Group
Aman Kohli, Chief Technology Officer Banking – DXC
Richard Crook, Director & Founder – LAB577

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