Why Crypto Treasury Strategy Should Be On Your Agenda for 2022

Over the past year, we’ve seen incredible growth in the cryptocurrency industry that has seen more people becoming engaged with digital currencies than ever before. This has also meant that now more than ever, institutions are in need of treasury solutions that help them to manage, access, and utilise their crypto holdings in a way that’s easy, effective, and, most importantly, secure. Here at BCB Group, we’re experts when it comes to cryptocurrency treasury services; with a wealth of experience operating in the industry as well as rigorous security protocols to protect our clients, and reporting,  we’re confident that we provide institutions with the best solutions for a crypto focussed treasury strategy.

To learn more about the services that we can assist with, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team right here on our website, or take a look at our blog page for the latest news and developments impacting the cryptocurrency industry.

What is Crypto Treasury?

Cryptocurrency treasury is a vital tool for any business that’s looking to diversify its balance sheets by entering the digital assets landscape. There are many reasons that a business may look to do this, but one of the most prominent driving forces behind the decision to enter markets such as Bitcoin are centred around the desire to generate elevated returns. When considering returns on investment, it’s hard to look past Bitcoin as a real opportunity, even if the initial boom may now be over. Over the course of the past 4 years, Bitcoin has been the highest performing asset class for investors, with sustained, exponential growth seen over this period. This has seen token value soar to unpredicted levels, providing investors with excellent returns on their investments. Due to this success, the number of investors looking to invest in Bitcoin and competing cryptocurrencies has grown massively; in turn, this massively increases the demand for services and solutions relating to crypto, which is why the market for these products is currently so competitive.

One of the toughest things to do at the moment is making the decision on the platforms and partners that you’ll utilise to facilitate your operations in the crypto markets. Here at BCB Group, we’re really excited to see the industry continuing to grow and evolve,, particularly in terms of regulation which has been a pain point in previous years. We’re partnered with CryptoUK, which is an entity looking to improve standards and regulation within the crypto industry to make it a safer and more protected field to operate with, and we’re extremely proud of the progress made so far. You can learn more about our partnership with CryptoUK by taking a look at our partnership announcement.

BCB Group’s crypto treasury solutions provide corporations with the best foundations for success.. Our experts will take care of all of the difficult parts of the crypto experience, allowing you to focus on making the right decisions and securing fantastic returns on your investments. When paired with our market-leading Business Accounts, we’ll also help you to facilitate your entry and exits regarding your digital assets too, creating a seamless experience.. With our end-to-end service, you can be confident that you’re in the best possible position to hold, manage, grow, and report your bitcoin-focused treasury strategy. When you’re looking to allocate your business capital into bitcoin or any other digital assets, treasury services truly are vital.

What Makes BCB Treasury Stand Out in a Busy Market?

At BCB Group, we pride ourselves on our insights and expertise in the crypto and fintech industries; our clients can feel well-looked after when operating as a BCB partner. From our perspective, the place where we thrive the most can be found within our holistic approach. There are many alternatives within the industry that simply focus their attention on one specific part of the crypto experience which, whilst enhancing the UX of this particular stage, does not create a full journey that flows seamlessly. Here at BCB Group, our approach considers every step of your journey, from setting up your accounts and finding storage solutions such as wallets, all the way through to facilitating your entry into and exits from different currencies around the clock. By creating an environment where everything can be done in one place, including settlements with our industry-leading BLINC payments network, which allows users to instantly send and receive digital assets and fiat currencies without having to wait for the lengthy transaction times.

If you’d like to begin your journey with BCB Group today, get in touch with a member of the team; to learn more about what we do, you can continue to browse our news and insights pages!

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