The Benefits of Institutional Crypto Banking Solutions with BCB Group

The crypto industry is rapidly growing, leading to greater demand for high-level services, business accounts, and robust solutions that are tailored to the requirements of companies in the digital asset economy.  Whether your requirement is to load fiat or cryptocurrency for payments, operations or trading purposes, you need to ensure that every transaction is being managed effectively. This is particularly relevant for businesses that are just starting out in digital assets, and companies that operate in the digital asset or cryptocurrency economy, where demand is beginning to exceed capacity and more intelligent payment infrastructure and solutions are required. Challenger banks and FCA regulated business payments providers, such as BCB Group, provide the all-in-one solution for businesses operating in the digital asset sector, by reimagining banking services and requirements that traditional banks don’t fulfil.    

A crypto-friendly banking partner is essential for corporations who require secure, segregated and safeguarded bank accounts for payments. From the basics of named IBANs and instant payments, through to our 24/7 customer support and comprehensive, fast and secure API, we’re confident that we’re providing our customers with an elite level service that is market-leading.

If you’re looking to learn more about our business bank accounts and their benefits, continue to read our knowledge hub below or get in touch with our expert team today online. With BCB Group, you can be sure that you’re receiving an institutional-grade, high-touch service backed by the support of a highly experienced team

What are Crypto Business Accounts?

As a business banking challenger, we’re focused on offering payment solutions and payments infrastructure that allows businesses to load fiat currency and cryptocurrencies for payments, operations and trading purposes. It’s not just our process that sets BCB Group apart, however; we offer each of our customers a unique service that you may need to truly manage and grow your digital currency holdings. We’re deeply integrated into the crypto market, allowing us to act as a seamless partner during any transaction. With the support of our operators and traders, we can help out with every aspect of your experience, from the technology involved through to the intricacies of account management. 

At BCB Group, our mission is to provide an all-in-one service for our customers, keeping everything centralised and easy to monitor at any time of the day. It’s for this reason that we’re always striving to improve our services and grow our platform in line with the needs and demands of our customers. To ensure that we’re giving you everything you need for the perfect business banking experience, we focus on 4 main areas, which are as follows:

  • 1) The basics: We ensure that we’re providing all of the functions our clients need from their banking partner. That’s why our business accounts and crypto banking solutions all feature named accounts, instant payment options, local and global payment rails, and support for all major currencies as standard. 
  • 2) Institutional needs: Our expertise lies in our high-level solutions that cater to institutions and businesses. To manage enterprise-sized demand, we focus on the heavy lifting of banking infrastructure to enable fiat rails and cryptocurrency services.
  • 3)Unparalleled service: At BCB Group, we strive to provide our customers with best in class business banking solutions, supporting companies with all-purpose business accounts for trading and operations, including third-party deposits and payments. One of our key principles is unrivalled high-touch customer experience, so we deliver clients direct communications to a team of operators, traders, technology experts and account managers. As a BCB Business Account client, you’ll have access to our unique BCB Customer Booths, an online portal to action and monitor payments via a web app, API account control and a universally regulator-friendly know your Customer and Anti-money Laundering onboarding process, where you’ll be looked after by our highly experienced Compliance team.
  • 4) Crypto-native services: For crypto-native businesses, we provide an advanced product suite for managing payments and crypto assets. We’ll aiming to offer full stablecoin support, elite crypto trading services, crypto wallets, and a fully integrated crypto custody process, in the very near future.


The Banking Services Available with our Business Accounts  

Here at BCB Group, we offer the most complete business banking solution on the market, making us the ideal partner for any institutions currently operating in or looking to operate in the digital asset economy.

We understand that your needs may change over time, and to accommodate that, we’ve created a platform that supports most major world currencies, including GBP, EUR, and USD – amongst others. By offering our customers this flexibility within their business account portal, alongside the ability to utilise a range of major payment networks such as UK FPS, CHAPS, BACS, Euro SEPA, international SWIFT, and US ABA, our customers can undertake transfers and transactions. 

When you choose BCB Group as your banking partner, you’ll be working with an industry-leading team in the digital asset payments management and crypto space. As one of our clients, you’ll have access to the latest tools, services, and benefits ahead of all others in the market. To help you understand the benefits that you’ll receive as a BCB business account partner, we’ve put together a comprehensive run-through of all of our key features below, to explain how our business accounts work and why they’re the ideal choice for any company in the digital assets ecosystem:

Payment Accounts

The first feature that you’ll be given as a BCB business account holder is the functionality of an all-purpose payment account. With a BCB Group account, you’re given far more security and safety when it comes to transactions relating to trading and crypto banking – this includes third party deposits and payments. 

Our accounts are designed to take the difficulty out of the payments that you’ll be making as a business regularly. You’ll be able to make payments, convert between currencies, and settle a transaction all within one platform, simplifying the entire process. In addition to this, we’ll provide you with a unique named account and IBAN.

Your payment account can be used for fiat on or off-ramp transactions, meaning you will be able to trade fiat money for digital assets (this is known as on-ramp) and is usually a popular way for new users to enter the digital asset space. In addition, you’ll be able to make off-ramp transactions, allowing you to trade your digital assets or cryptocurrency into fiat. 

FX Exchange

At BCB Group, we offer a variety of features that set our FX markets apart from the competition, most notably our single-digit spreads on all major currency pairs that are on the marketplace, as well as our instant settlement process which enables you to make fast, timely trades and exchanges. This means that you’re able to capitalise in market hotspots and make the most of your existing FX positions.

Crypto Exchange

We currently offer support for over 30 currencies, whilst also remaining incredibly competitive when it comes to institutional rates. This makes BCB Group the ideal partner for all of your institutional and business trading needs. BCB Markets is designed to allow major traders to conduct their activity in a safe and secure place, and our markets and transactions are encrypted with high-level security and protection features, ensuring that each sale and purchase is covered. As a BCB business account partner, one of the biggest benefits that you’ll feel is the flexibility that our accounts offer. For frequent traders or those completing transactions daily, our real-time markets and instant settlements allow you to make crucial decisions quickly, and for less engaged account holders, you’ll still retain that high touch service and high-tech platform to be used 24/7 365 days a year. 

Live Monitoring for Business Accounts

As a BCB business account customer, you will have an online portal to view, track and send payments. With BCB Group’s platform, you’ll have all of the management tools you need to ensure that you have a clear view of the total value, as we understand the importance of knowing your position at all times. For this reason, we’ve ensured that our platforms operate in real-time, giving each of our business account holders access to accurate cryptocurrency balances at live market rates for the clearest representation of value possible. To make things easier, you will always be able to view your crypto and asset value in your home currency too, providing real figures and values in an instant. 

Our expert team here at BCB Group are always on hand to provide support relating to business accounts and our markets. Contact our team, to access advice and support to guide you through the steps to opening a business account. Get in touch today to learn more.

API Integration

Modern banking has a huge focus on accessibility and flexible access. With remote working, 24/7 markets, and busy schedules, it’s important to have access to your business accounts at all times of the day, from any device, on every operating system. The BCB platform can be accessed through a web app on desktop and mobile and also features API account control, giving clients access to a feature-heavy, and easy-to-use online web portal. From viewing the current status of your assets to tracking and sending payments, or settling transactions in an instant, you’ll find every function you need within the BCB online portal. Automation endpoints also feature within the platform, providing ample opportunity for integration.

Our BLINC Network 

BLINC is our global payments network which brings cost-efficient, and seamless automation to the BCB Group business banking experience. As one of the first real-time payment networks allowing transactions across fiat and digital currencies, BLINC is a crucial part of the service that we offer here at BCB Group. With the help of our BLINC network, we are transforming the way that payments work, taking the traditional infrastructure and creating processes that are more effective and which focus on the unification of vital features to create the best possible customer experience. On top of this, you’ll also have access to instant settlements that help you to get real-time updates on your positions straight after each trade or transaction. 

BLINC enables our business account customers to pay each other instantly, 24/7/365. This free payment network is available to every BCB Group customer and enables users to make free transactions, fund accounts without cost, and handle off-network fiat transfers without any issues, making our offering a pioneering solution in the crypto and digital asset industry. 

Some of the benefits that being a BCB Group business account customer with BLINC include:

  • Reduced costs.
  • Reduced operational and settlement risks. 
  • Free transactions. 
  • Reduced counter-party risk.
  • Real-time clearing. 
  • Reduced AML and KYC/KYB costs thanks to our inclusive network for participants in trades/transactions. 


Working with BCB Group

As Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy, BCB Group provides a comprehensive suite of services. This is founded in the expertise of our team, who have decades of experience operating in complex financial and crypto-focused markets, equipping us with deep industry knowledge to support our clients. Since forming in 2017, we’ve seen rapid growth and now hold a position as a trusted industry leader with a reputation for institutional-grade payments solutions.

Get in Touch

For more information about BCB business bank accounts, please get in touch with our team today. 

If you’d like to learn more about our full suite of services, you can head over to our associated knowledge bases detailing our markets, our treasury services, and BLINC. In the near future, we expect to add more tools to our already powerful suite, so keep up to date with the latest developments here at BCB Group by signing up for our newsletter, and heading over to our ‘News’ and ‘Insights’ pages. We’ll be posting up to date industry news regularly, and offering our expert insight and advice on all of the biggest developments and changes as we build the leading financial hub for the digital asset world.

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