International Women’s Day 2024

This year for International Women’s Day, BCB Group is celebrating our inclusive culture. Some of our team comment about why this is important to them. We feel passionately that we don’t just celebrate women on one day in the calendar, so look out for more to come over the next few weeks from our colleagues across the business. Stay tuned for more!

Oliver Madden, Customer Success Director

Oliver Madden

Inclusion means to me a culture where no one is overlooked and everyone’s opinions, thoughts and contributions are respected equally and actively sought – regardless of employment level or any kind of discriminatory difference (i.e. gender, race, sexuality, age, etc.) The terms Culture and Actively Sought are consciously stated. Everyone has a voice and it is the responsibility of those more senior or simply more confident to ensure the “quieter” ones know they are heard too.

Rachel Ramsay, People and Culture Director

Rachel Headshot

Providing support to all colleagues, regardless of gender is not just important but something we actively encourage at BCB Group. At the same time, we recognise that women haven’t necessarily had the same opportunities offered to them that men have. In this vein, we have partnered with Makers Academy to sponsor women in tech, and have gone on to hire them into our Tech team at BCB Group; showing women and girls around the organisation and externally that there is absolutely a space for them in the male dominated world of Tech.

We have enhanced our parental leave policies to give everyone the same amount of leave, meaning both parents, regardless of their gender or role in the family, the chance to bond with their new arrival. We actively support flexible working, allowing people to balance output with supporting their life outside of work. These are just some ways that we strive for equity to ensure the women we work with, or want to work with us, can see that they are supported and encouraged to progress their career whilst managing their lives outside of work.

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