B2B Banking Features that are Crucial for Success in the Crypto Markets

The world of B2B banking is in the midst of a large shift towards a more digital infrastructure, with assets such as cryptocurrency becoming widely popularised for institutional investors to utilise for transactions when receiving and sending funds between yourself and another entity. Many traditional banks do still distance themselves from digital assets and cryptocurrencies, which can cause businesses to search for new banking solutions that are able to handle their assets whilst also retaining a high level of security.

Here at BCB Group, we’re looking to change the way that you think about your banking options – get in touch with our experienced team today to learn more about our business banking solutions and how you could benefit from being a BCB Business Account holder.

What Features Should You Look for in Your B2B Banking Solutions?

Effective Security Protocols

No matter whether you’re looking for personal solutions or business banking services, the presence of effective, regulated security protocols is absolutely essential. If your chosen provider does not offer a comprehensive set of security features such as private keys, AML, KYC/KNB, and transaction size limits, you may be left vulnerable to a number of key security risks that are potentially incredibly dangerous for your business. With BCB Group’s trusted banking solutions and business accounts, we offer rigorous security features that are implemented throughout our process.

Access to a Range of Markets

If you’re looking to buy, sell, and trade, it’s likely that you won’t just be looking to do so with one specific asset or currency; in most cases, institutions will look to diversify their holdings across multiple different asset classes, as this spreads the risk and allows them to capitalise on movements that are happening in many different areas at the same time. When committing to a business banking account with a provider, it’s imperative to check that you’ll be able to handle all of your different activities – some partners may not offer support for certain currencies, coins, and tokens. BCB  Crypto and BCB FX enable our clients to buy and sell crypto at scale at the most competitive spreads.

Rates that Provide the Best Opportunity to Capitalise on the Markets

At BCB Group, we provide institutions with a secure gateway into cryptocurrency markets. Our secure trading channels include a web app, encrypted voice and text channels and an industry-leading API covering live pricing, trading and reporting.

We support a wide range of order types including OTC orders, electronic RFQ and algorithmic exchange orders.

Instant Settlements in Real-Time

Timely transaction processing can be tough to deal with – with transactions taking a long time to settle, you can be left without funds for an extended period, which may cause fundamental issues across the board for your activity in the meantime. Here at BCB Group, we know that speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance; if you need to make a transaction, you want to be able to do so right now, not when your banking partner allows you to. Our BLINC settlement network allows us to offer our clients instant settlements for all of our supported currencies and assets when sending or receiving payment from another member of the BCB ecosystem. As a verified member of BCB’s ecosystem, you will already have passed all of the necessary security checks and AML procedures, which allows us to speed up the settlement process and complete payments in an instant.

Working with BCB Group

If you’re ready to start your journey in crypto with the team here at BCB Group, why not get in touch with us today? Simply fill out our contact form and a member of our team will review your information and create a plan of action tailored to your business banking or trading requirements. For more information and the latest industry news, you can check out our Insights page, which is regularly updated with news roundups, BCB Group news, and industry guides that help you to make the most informed decisions.

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